2024 Spring Conference program

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Keynote ACC Overview: EPA TSCA Priorities & Environmental Regulatory Activity Brendan Mascarenhas and Suzanne Hartigan, American Chemistry Council

Legislative Update Patrick Riley, Louisiana Chemical Association

Legal Update Lauren Rucinski and Bryant Bremer, Kean miller

LA/TX Gulf Coast Inspection and Enforcement Activities Margaret Osbourne, EPA Region 6

Impact of Revised Annual PM2.5 NAAQS – NSR Issues Arijit Pakrasi, Edge
Generator Improvement Rule Blake Vincent, CK Associates
PFAs, Potential Water Impacts AimeƩ Killeen, Providence

Hon Flares: It’s a Lot, But Not New! Herman Holm, Spectrum
WM Presentation David Michaelis, Waste Management
Wetland Delineations/ Waters of the U.S. Richard Fontenot, WGA LLP

Fenceline Monitoring Panel Gary Daves, Tricord, Brian Cochran, Spectrum, Scott Manchester, Alliance, Phyllis Holifield, Citgo, Brandon Kilpatrick, Providence, Patrick Clark, Montrose, Clinton Thrasher, Enthalpy
LQG Closure Evidence Daniel Cheatham, LDEQ
Key Water Permitting Concepts Learned Over Time Alexander Scheffield, CK Associates

Essential Elements of a Reauthorized Federal CAA Raymond Allen, Power Engineers
Exploring Sustainable Tank Cleaning Waste Disposal Solutions Richard Fontenot, WGA LLP
Save Your LDAR Program Brian Whitley, WH Consulting Services, LLC

BWON Dawn Neal & Kati Petersburg, Tricord
Hazardous Waste Management Practices Paul Hansen, PPM
Advanced Leak Detection Dave Miller, Picarro

RSR/EMACT/MON/HON Panel Phyllis Holifield, Citgo, Steve Smith, LyondellBassel, Jill Martin, Alliance, Herman Holm, Spectrum, Gary Daves, Tricord, Lauren Rucinski, Kean Miller
PFAs Destructive Treatment Methods Rick Gillespie, Revive Environmental
Lessons Learned from a Refinery OGI AWP Pilot Deever Bradley, SLR Consulting