2022 Annual Conference Final Program

Opening Session

Keynote – Dr. David Dismukes, Executive Director & Professor, LSU Center for Energy Studies

The Path to Net Zero

Impacts of Blue/Green Hydrogen – Mike Sumrow, GHD

Powering the Path to Net Zero – Andy Kowalczyk, Transmission Director, SREA

From Pine Trees to Pore Space: Carbon Solutions – Above and Below the Ground – Phillip Blower, Weyerhaeuser

Waste Management

Solid Waste Regulatory Update – Jodie Kimball, LDEQ

Waste Management Surveillance & Enforcement – Celena Cage, LDEQ

Stability and Monitoring of Industrial Waste Landfills and Impoundments – Ricardo de Abreu, FDA Engineers

Important Air Issues

NSR/PSD Update – Eric Hiser, Hiser Joy Law Firm

A Dramatic Shift: Future and Current Challenges of Chemical Sector Air Quality Requirements – Larry PochĂ©/Gary Daves, Tricord Consulting

Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I ESAs – Jessica Rury, Leaaf Environmental

Unmanned Aerial Systems for Large Area Surveying and Site Assessments – Andrew Milanes, ES2

LA Update

Louisiana Update – Dr. Chuck Brown, LDEQ

Louisiana Air Permit Update – Bryan Johnston, LDEQ

TX Update

Texas Update – Johnny Vermillion, Spirit Environmental

Ozone Nonattainment and PM2.5 NAAQS Updates – Qi Zhang, GHD

LA Remediation

Phase II ESAs, Voluntary Remediation Program, and LDEQ Brownfields Program – Jennifer Schatzle and Rebecca Otte, LDEQ


The ESG Wave – John King, BSW

ESG & GHG Best Practices for Oil & Gas – Connor Merrigan and Jennifer Tullier, Spirit Environmental

EJ Update 2022: Turning Words Into Action – Richard Hamel, All4

Young Professional

Air Dispersion Modeling Basics for Permitting – Qi Zhang, GHD

NSPS and NESHAP Regulations Periodic Review and Update Process—How it Works and Recent Examples – Behdad Yazdani and Abhinay Jilla, Trinity Consultants

Risk Evaluation Program

Risk Evaluation Corrective Action Program (RECAP): Common Mistakes & Compliance Issues – Destin Hooks, LDEQ

Underground Storage Tank Program: Overview of Remediation – Gary Fulton, Jr., LDEQ

Other Important Air Issues

ESG: Corporations Voluntary Carbon Offset Markets – Mike Taylor, Aegis Hedging Solutions, LLC

New Developments in PM2.5: Impacts and Planning – Arijit Pakrasi, Edge Engineering & Science

Appendix K and New Technologies Being Used – Bronson Pate, Tricord Consulting

Professional Development

Staying Out of Hot Water: How to Avoid Criminal Liability – Lauren Rucinski, Kean Miller and Emily von Qualen, Liskow & Lewis

Balancing Communication Techniques – Katie Ricks, Dow

Agile Leadership & Sustainability – Tressa Fuller, TotalEnergies

Ethics For Professional Engineers – Bill Rushing, Waldemar S. Nelson

Contaminated Site Investigation & Remediation

High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) Tools & Detectors and HRSC Case Studies, Including Subsurface Imaging Data & 3D Models– Janet Castle, Eagle Synergistic

Bioremediation – Chris Young, Biotech Restorations