2018 Louisiana Section Annual Election

In accordance with the Louisiana Section Bylaws, the Section’s annual election will take place in the Fall.  This year, the offices of Vice-Chair, Treasurer and one Director position will be filled by the election.  

The Nominating Committee announced the candidates at the membership meeting held on September 20, 2018. The full details of the election, including the credentials of the candidates have been announced to the membership through an email message sent to all members at the member’s email address as reflected in the Association’s membership database.  


Name Office
Executive Board
Jennifer Tullier Chair
Jessica Miller Vice Chair
Jason Midgett Treasurer
Paul Algu Secretary, YPAC Vice-Chair
Kevin Calhoun Past Chair
Doug Melancon Director 2017-2019
Daniel Wolf Director 2018-2020
Kyle Beall Director 2016-2018
Bill Palermo Sections and Council Representative
Greg Johnson Chair Sections and Council
Shawn Pritchett SW Chapter Chair
Michael Waguespack Awards Chair
Mindi Faubion Program Chair
Mary Claire Petit Corporate Relations Chair
Corey Gautreaux Education Committee Chair
D’Juana Beason Facilities Chair
Vacant Membership Chair
Amanda Polito Communications Chair
Caitlin Morrison Young Professionals Chair
Caitlin Morrison Young Professionals Chair
Katelyn Lucas Website Editor
Maureen Ducote LDEQ Liaison
Kelly Phillips Newsletter Chair
Juan Rubio Student Chapter Chair
Paul Algu Student Liaison